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Intuit Payment extension is allows you to take credit card payment.

Benefits / Features:


=> Easy Installation.

=> Full support of error handling.

=> Configurable for test and production accounts simultaneously for easy mode switching.

=> Provide Cron file for get new refresh token.



=>Opencart 2.x.x, 3.x.x Installation

=>You will need to have a Payment Gateway Account of QuickBooks

Supported Versions of Opencart:




How to Configure


1.Download Intuit Payment extension.

2.Upload all files in root.

3.Add Access permission and Modify Permission to extension’s files by selecting below files.

   ( Admin -> System -> Users -> User Groups -> Administrator -> edit - >intuit)

4.Now you can add Intuit configuration details.

Note:- Refresh token will expire in 100 days so set below cron file for every 3 month so it will update refresh token automatically.


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